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This is a work-in-progress course website for Mathematics for Economists. Course covers a limited subset of topics from Mathematics for Economists (Simon and Blume 1994), and uses various definitions from the book. Applications focus on two period borrowing and savings problems. Matlab’s symbolic toolbox is used throughout.

Materials are written in matlab (The MathWorks Inc 2019) livescript files and shown as HTML files. To obtain matlab codes, see here and here for github set up. For HTML files, click on the links below.

From other repositories: For dynamic borrowing and savings problems, see Dynamic Asset Repository; For code examples, see also R Example Code, Matlab Example Code, and Stata Example Code; For intro stat with R, see Intro Statistics for Undergraduates. See here for all of Fan’s public repositories.

The site is built using Bookdown (Xie 2020).

Please contact FanWangEcon for issues or problems.