Fan Wang

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
University of Houston

Working Papers

“An Empirical Equilibrium Model of Formal and Informal Credit Markets in Developing Countries” [ABSTRACT], January 2019

“You are What Your Parents Think: Height and Local Reference Points” [ABSTRACT], October 2018, Fan Wang, Esteban Puentes, Jere R. Behrman, and Flavio Cunha

“Estimating the Effects of Educational System Contraction: The Case of China’s Rural School Closure Initiative” [ABSTRACT], April 2018, Revision Requested, Emily Hannum, Xiaoying Liu, and Fan Wang

Recent Classes

Introductory Mathematics for Economists (Undergraduates) with Matlab, Fall 2018

Introductory Statistics (Undergraduates) with R (tidyverse), Spring 2019


R Panel Data Analysis Code Repository from Various Projects, Spring 2019