1 Matlab Cell Array Basic Operations

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1.1 String Combine with string cell

ls_st_param_key = {'fl_crra', 'fl_beta', ...
                   'fl_w', 'fl_r_save', ...
                   'fl_a_max', 'it_z_n', 'it_a_n'};
cl_st_param_keys = {'fl_wad', 'fl_betart', 'it_z_nfg'};
st_param = 'asdjfl';
disp([{st_param}, ls_st_param_key, cl_st_param_keys]);

  Columns 1 through 10

    {'asdjfl'}    {'fl_crra'}    {'fl_beta'}    {'fl_w'}    {'fl_r_save'}    {'fl_a_max'}    {'it_z_n'}    {'it_a_n'}    {'fl_wad'}    {'fl_betart'}

  Column 11