1 Container Map Example Overriding

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1.1 Update Container Map

There is one map with values, Container Map A. There is another container Map, Container Map B. Container Maps A and B share keys. For keys that exist in B and A, B Key value supercede values for the same keys in A. For new keys in B, they superced keys in A.

param_map_a = containers.Map('KeyType','char', 'ValueType','any');
param_map_a('fl_b_bd') = -3;
param_map_a('fl_w_max') = 50;
param_map_a('fl_kp_min') = 0;
param_map_a('it_w_i') = 100;

param_map_b = containers.Map('KeyType','char', 'ValueType','any');
param_map_b('fl_w_max') = 77;
param_map_b('fl_kp_min') = -231;
param_map_b('it_z_n') = 5;
param_map_b('fl_z_mu') = 0;

param_map_c = [param_map_a; param_map_b];

ans = 
    {'fl_b_bd'}    {'fl_kp_min'}    {'fl_w_max'}    {'fl_z_mu'}    {'it_w_i'}    {'it_z_n'}


ans = 
    {[-3]}    {[-231]}    {[77]}    {[0]}    {[100]}    {[5]}