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This is a work-in-progress website of support files for using matlab. Materials gathered from various projects in which matlab is used. Matlab files are linked below by section with livescript files. Tested with Matlab 2019a (The MathWorks Inc 2019). This is not a Matlab package, but a list of examples in PDF/HTML/Mlx formats. MEconTools is a package that can be installed with tools used in projects involving matlab code.

Bullet points in the Appendix show which matlab functions/commands are used to achieve various objectives. The goal of this repository is to make it easier to find/re-use codes produced for various projects. Some functions also rely on or correspond to functions from MEconTools (Wang 2020).

From other repositories: For code examples, see Python Example Code, R Example Code, and Stata Example Code; For intro stat with R, see Intro Statistics for Undergraduates, and intro Math with Matlab, see Intro Mathematics for Economists. See here for all of Fan’s public repositories.

The site is built using Bookdown (Xie 2020).

Please contact FanWangEcon for issues or problems.